Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Guess We're All Voting for Obama, Then

This cartoon showing reasons for each type to vote for Barack Obama is from the web site of Elizabeth Wagele, one of the authors of The Enneagram Made Easy:

Barack Obama Supporters Come In All Types

href="">Obama Supporter Enneagram Types Cartoons
by Elizabeth Wagele;

She, uh, didn't make one for McCain.
So, what do you guys think? Do these reasons in any way resemble your reasons for voting (or not) for Obama? As a 5, I must admit that I do like it when Obama "uses his brain."


Anonymous said...

I am voting for Obama because he uses his brain, and I express that in two main ways: 1) I say he has more nuanced views. (It seems to me that in American presidential politics, the Republican always positions himself as allied with black/white thinking as compared to the Democrat.) 2) I see Obama as refusing to get trapped in the other debater's schema... he finds it very easy to say "That's not the issue, the real issue is blank and the way to deal with it is blank," but not in a fake, scriped-looking way.

Also, while I don't know about the reasons ... is it Wagele? ... gave for the types voting for Obama, I do see people liking him for all different reasons... no one ever mentions the reason I like him so much, for instance.

-- Mary Beth

melo said...

One, for some reason, I can't see the image... or whatever that is... and got a server error when I went tried to go to her website (I'll try again).

I am voting for McCain. I have strong libertarian tendencies that will not let me vote for anyone with the kind of socialist/Marxist tendencies that Obama has.

Cindi said...

It looks like the images are back up now.
Barring incredible revelation between now and election day, I will vote for Obama. I guess I have some socialist tendencies, but I believe the government works for the people, and its role is bigger than just waging war staying out of the way. I can't get behind McCain because he just can't seem to imagine what America IS other than an army.

melo said...

I'm highly pissed at the Bush administration's expansion of government (and the bailout plan stinks to high heaven). Government, in my very libertarian view (though the last political quiz I took pegged me as a right wing anarchist-- go figure) works best for the people when it gets out of our way.

Cindi said...

Well, I don't like the bailout (which both candidates supported) either. I don't want the government bailing out corporations.
However, I do think there are collective interests -- all Americans will benefit if American children are well-educated, if we have clean air to breath and water to drink, and yes, if the borders are secure and our defense is strong. To those ends, we need a government acting on behalf of the people. Sometimes that means spending money. Sometimes it means regulating corporations.
I like it when Obama talks about creating public works programs to create jobs. The idea of using this time of crisis to simultaneously shore up our infastructure and help out people who are willing to work seems like a good one to me. It's about investing in the future of the nation. McCain's idea of an across-the-board spending freeze seems crazy to me.