Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maybe I'm Just Having a Very Fourish Day

So, I just tried a couple of Enneagram tests I hadn't tried before. Prior to today, I had maintained a perfect record of scoring as a type 5 on every e-gram tests ever. I was a paragon of the type. But today, I'm 0 for 2.
Here are the tests:

First, the Ennegram Personality Type Indicator. It typed me as a 4. Type 5 was tied for second (with type 3!)

Next, the TestCafe Ennegram Test. It also typed me as a 4.

Friends, have you all noticed some sort of personality drift on my part, or are these tests just wrong?

Here's Brad from Enneagram Book on e-gram testing: "The BEST way to find out your type is to have a chat with somewhat who knows the Enneagram pretty well. They’ll be able to nail you down easily. The 2nd BEST way is to get an Enneagram book and learn a bit more about the types and go from there. The WORST way, (but the most fun!) is to use... Enneagram Tests."

Here, here Brad! Except I would rank the books over the consultation, but maybe that's because I'm one of those individualistic, withdrawn types. On that, myself and the tests agree.


Brad said...

Thanks for the link. You might be right about the book being better than another person, but I gotta say that my weekend with Helen Palmer gave me a whole new insight into what the types were about.

Keep up the amazing posts, I love hearing from you two!

Cindi said...

Thanks Brad. I liked what you said about the tests so much. Mary Beth and I did a weekend workshop with Helen Palmer, but she wasn't so much into typing. She wanted to meditate and lecture about Evagrius. When you spoke of talking to someone who knows the e-gram pretty well, I was picturing people talking to me and Mary Beth or the like, and we're fallible. But then again, so is self-perception. I think once you've got the inside and outside views lined up, that's the type.

Anonymous said...

I came out 4 or 9 on the first one (with four points each) and 6 came in third with 3 points.

Anonymous said...

This is Mary Beth. My results on the second one was 4 and my results on the first one was a tie 4 and 9 (the previous comment was me.) So it's not just you!

Amy said... called me a 5. When does that happen? I guess that's a strike against the likelihood of it correctly identifying you as a 4. (It absolutely thinks that I'm not a 4, giving me a -5)

Amy said...

I think testcafe called me a 3-- "The motivator" My tests didn't agree but I don't like this answer so I'll disregard it :). At the same time, I don't tend to think of their description of a 3: The success-oriented, practical type, who is constantly on the search for ways to improve careers and relationships, yet often neglects the obvious important things.

Megan said...

I came out as a tie between a 3 and an 8 on this, with third place going to 6. At least my tests are consistent, if not accurate.

MiX TapE JuNkiEs said...

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Lerie said...

Cindi, i'm a 5 and i think there are certain things that gives us away very clearly.
Are you embarrassed or even offended by obnoxious or silly behaviour? Definitely a five.
Can you spend days in your own company without having to see another sole? Definitely a five.
Do you always see both sides of the coin and can therefore be accepting of most people? Definitely a five?
Do you dislike small talk partly because you could not be bothered with nonsense, partly because you cannot think of a thing to say - particularly to a 3 or another 5 you have nothing in common with... definitely a five!

Perhaps you weren't having a 4 day, perhaps you moved into your 7 because we don't get more than only our 'unhealthy' behaviour from there - depending on the circumstances.

don't think about it too much, let it come to you.

good luck!

Cindi said...

I think seeing both sides/ acceptance is more 9 than 5, but the dislike of small talk is a 5 giveaway for sure.