Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shameless New Blog Promotion

See that? That's my new blog.
That's right; having totally proven my inability to update this one on a regular basis, I decided to start another.
Basically, it's a place to stick some photographs. Here at the Enneagram Agency blog, my photos tend to be journalistic in nature, as in this post where I needed a picture of a hand flicking a spinner, so I took a picture of my hand (duh) flicking a spinner, or in this post that mentioned a pumpkin and was illustrated with (duh) a picture I took of a pumpkin.
Over at the All and None Designs blog, I can be a bit more, ahem, artistic. Nonetheless, if you liked that picture of those cookies (above), or this picture of that action figure, perhaps you'll enjoy this.


Amy said...

huh? where's your other blog? I didn't catch that. wait, do you even have another blog? um, can you make that a bit clearer ;).

Cindi said...

Okay. So, for those of you who didn't catch it, I have a new blog. It's at ;-)