Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Spirit of the Enneagram Class Syllabus

This is the plan:

1/7 Intros
History of the e-gram symbol
An exercise in self-reflection
Hw: take an e-gram test

1/14 Talk about test results
The e-gram of cute puppies
Overview of all types
The triadic model

1/21 Grounding meditation
The gut types – 8, 9, and 1

1/28 Open-heart meditation
The heart types – 2, 3, and 4
Mary Beth tells the gnip-gnop story

2/4 Guided meditation
The head types – 5, 6, and 7

2/11 Q & A
applying the lessons of the e-gram

2/18 Loaded e-gram questions


Amy said...

cindi- I'm quite interested in hearing about the different meditation types you'll be discussing when I see you again.

Cindi said...

Cool. It's probably nothing you haven't heard before, though. Any basic meditation will include grounding (becoming aware of the sensations of the body/ the breath). The second step is opening the heart center. There is a Buddhist lovingkindness meditation that I like to use for this one. The third is quieting the mind (training the wandering puppy is a metaphor that is often used). On th third session, I also plan to give them a quote they can focus on.