Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Couple of Free Tests

I thought this was timely enough that the history lesson could wait:

For just this week, Katherine and David Fauvre are waiving their usual $10 fee for their complete online Enneacards test. The results of this test will give you an idea of your Enneagram type and wing, your Tritype, and a lot of other information.

What is a Tritype, you ask?

Well, here's the Fauvre's explanation: ". The Tritype concept suggests we have three Enneagram Types that we use in a preferred order. These three Enneagram Types will always be located one in each of the three Enneagram centers: head (5,6,7), heart (2,3,4) and gut (8,9,1)... Your Tritype is like your own unique Enneagram thumbprint. It shows the strategies you employ to negotiate life and what motivates you. Further, it reveals why you are different from others of the same Enneagram Type with a different Tritype. Although one of the three Types in your Tritype is dominant, or your primary Enneagram Type, the other two Types play a large role in your life. "

According to the test, my trifix is 5 - 4 - 8. This means that, when I am confronted with a problem, I will first use the 5 strategy (searching for understanding), then the 4 strategy (searching for meaning), and then, when that fails to work, the 8 strategy (searching for solutions.) Frankly, I'm not sure I buy it, but it makes interesting food for thought. I'd like to hear how the test turns out for other people.

To take it, go to: When it asks you to enter your coupon code, use Tritype808.

Another free Enneagram test you can take is at See how long it takes you to figure out this test's methodology.


Mary Beth said...

I got 7,9,3 as my tritype.

Mary Beth said...

LOOK! I have found my blogger identity...

Cindi said...

Cool! Did you see what it said about 9s and 6s?

Mary Beth said...

Yes, it said if we had a 6 or a 9, OR EVEN IF WE DIDN'T, that we might be a 6 or a 9 anyway. Which I pretty much agree with. My "Enneaspread" had both 7s and both 6s, plus 4 and 1. And it said you chose all the idealistic types (1, 4, 7.) My heart triad choice ended up being 3 because I found one of the 4 cards very accurate and the other not AT All, and the same with 2.

Cindi said...

Some other patterns in my Enneaspread:

You have all three Focused Responder Enneacards
(Enneagram Types: 1, 3 & 5) in your Enneaspread.
You see yourself as controlled, disciplined, tenacious and pragmatic. You avoid error and sloppiness in your work and people who over-focus on their emotions. Naturally focused and perfectionistic, you like to set goals. You prefer to respond when you have had time to assess and evaluate.

You have all three Reflective Solutions Enneacards
(Enneagram Types: 4, 5 & 9) in your Enneaspread.
Naturally reserved and reflective, you see yourself as intuitive, introspective, perceptive and thoughtful. Responsible and diligent, you resist taking action that is not first well considered and thought out. You dislike making sudden changes and prefer to take time to think things through before acting. When opposed, you tend to take a step back or move away from others to evaluate your circumstances to manage problems.

Reflecting on the tritype, it's true enough that my approach to problems is: (1) trying to understand -- What IS this is the subject of a famous flip-out of mine -- and that's 5, (2) trying to make meaning -- What is the universe trying to tell me with this? - 4, and then (3) How can I fix this? - 8

Your trifix suggests a response like: (1) What are my options here? - 7, (2) How can I be at peace with this and accept it -- 9, and then,(3) I dunno; what's the 3 response?

Interesting because I must admit, while there are things about type 9 I identify with, making peace with a problem is a "solution" that tends to occur to me very late, if at all in the process. Your tritype would suggest that this happens for you much sooner than for me.

melo said...

I'm 5-1-4.

You have all three Realists Enneacards
(Enneagram Types: 2, 5 & 8) in your Enneaspread.
Your emotional energy goes towards seeking safety and certainty in relationships. You are sensitive to and expect rejection from others. Also, you tend to feel separate from others. You hold back your true self in relationships, offering instead, a skill, service or protection. Overall, because you expect to be rejected, you are cautious in relationships and may be hesitant to form attachments. As a result, you want others to come towards you.

Cindi said...

Interesting. The 2, 5, and 8 are also the rejection types, so your Enneaspread indicates that this is the aspect of 5 that is strongest in you.
Whereas w/ me, the aspects of 5 that are strog are competence (1, 3, 5) and withdrawal (4, 5, 9.)
MB -- Melody is another 5w4 we know.

Mary Beth said...

I must have making peace with things as a major strategy judging by my reaction when you said you don't... as in, "huh, how is that even possible?"