Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Remember Brad?

Hey, do guys remember Brad Spencer? He's the nice guy who writes the Enneagram Book web site. Back in January, he wrote a post for this blog about Obama's Enneagram type. (Check it out here.) He thought Obama was a 3, and I have been leaning in that direction as well, but in January, most of y'all claimed Obama was a 9. Does everyone still feel that way?
Is Obama more like this:

enneagram type 3 Enneagram Type Three

Or this:

enneagram type 9 Enneagram Type Nine


These badges, by the way, were created by Brad and you are welcome to add the badge representing your type to your blog or web page. (I have added the badges for my type and Mary Beth's type to the sidebar of this blog.)
Go to www.enneagrambook.com/badges/ for the html code.


Mary Beth said...

I'm thoughtful and witty and Cindi is brilliant and aloof. Right on, Brad! You got us right. :) (Although Cindi is also thoughtful and witty.)

Cindi said...

And Mary Beth is brilliant, but not often aloof. The "thoughtful and witty" descriptor is particularly apt for your type of 6, but I have met some 6w5s I wouldn't necessarily characterize as 'witty".