Friday, November 30, 2007

Anyone near Palo Alto?

I thought I would pass along the news that Enneagram teacher and researcher Katherine Chernick Fauvre is starting a new weekly study group on January 9th. Mary Beth and I participated in an online conference with Katherine and her husband David Fauvre a while back. We were impressed with their insights and the patience they displayed as we tried to determine a friend's type with their help. I participated in another of their online conferences and heard some stuff about instinctual subtypes that seemed to make sense -- quite a feat, but this area is actually one of Katherine's research specialties.
The new study group will meet on Wednesday evenings in Palo Alto, California. There are 6 sessions and the cost is $240. You can learn more about it by visiting the Enneagram Explorations site and clicking on "workshops".
Even if the location and/or cost of this workshop is prohibitive, there are still plenty of reasons to visit Enneagram Explorations. Free content includes slide shows on the types and subtypes, the Enneacards Sampler (This is the short version of Katherine and David's typing test. It got me right and Mary Beth wrong, which is par for the course. Stay tuned for more thoughts on how to actually go about determining your Enneagram type), and an interesting discussion board.

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