Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's Comin' on Christmas

They're cuttin' down trees, they're puttin' up reindeer, and... starting online stores. Check out ours. It's Just think how surprised your family members will be to see that you have bought them all Enneagram Agency t-shirts for Christmas! I wish I had a river that I could skate away on.


Amy P. said...

This is very creative! I'm glad that ya'll are really finding a way to make money off of the enneagram. Why the cookies? Do the different designs represent different personality types?

Mary Beth said...

No, but that's a pretty good idea. Cindi and I taught a class on the Enneagram, and we discussed the heart triad on Valentine's Day, and brought cookies with Enneagrams and hearts, and threw a few other random designs in there, too.