Wednesday, November 28, 2007

With Apologies to Douglas Adams

Mary Beth asked me to tell everyone what this blog will be about, so here are some of my predictions:
  • using the Enneagram to, as Dirk Gently would say, "find the whole person"
  • attempting to synthesize the views of various Enneagram teachers and authors
  • understanding the Enneagram through board-gaming and cookie-eating
  • rehashing the Lewinsky scandal
  • running up a big expense account or otherwise making money (if it is somehow possible)
  • fending off Enneagram skeptics
  • embracing our own skepticism
  • reading spiritual texts in light of the Enneagram
  • surveying psychological research in light of the Enneagram
  • gushing about Russ Hudson's cuteness
  • considering the fundamental interconnectedness of things
  • conducting holistic Enneagram research

That is what I think this blog is going to be about, but then again, I really don't know yet. Sometimes you just have to follow the car to see where it goes, you know?


Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies, and welcome to the world of blogging. Guess I will make the first comment, even though it is just to say Howdy and wish you all Good Luck. Dana

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, Dana.