Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Animal Companions -- Real and Imagined

Shown here are our real-life animal companions. (I have cats like normal people; Mary Beth keeps a pair of green anole lizards.)
However, in the world of The Golden Compass, I'd be going around with a lion and Mary Beth would be accompanied by a whippet.
How do we know? It's because we visited the Golden Compass movie website. It lets you generate a "daemon" in the form of an animal, based on questions you answer about your personality.
The movie opens nationwide this Friday. Mary Beth saw a sneak preview last night, and she says it's good.


Rick said...

Mine is a lynx named Breanne.

(And why did Mary Beth not invite us to the sneak preview!!)

Mary Beth said...

No way -- Rick secretly reads the blog he likes to call!

I did not invite you to the sneak preview because I could only take one person and I already had one.

Go to if you want to sign up for free sneak previews, though.

Anonymous said...

And I am the lion Sergius.

Or Amy.

Cindi said...

I got a lion, too, but it's name was Aeschylus.

Mary Beth said...

I was really taken with the fact that my daemon was the whippet because that's always been my favorite dog. I met one once and loved him. However, when Cindi asked me to recreate the whippet, I took the test again but got a lion. Then today in response to my Mom's email, I took it again and got a jackel. Hmm. My characteristics (as a jackel) are modest, humble, fickle, outgoing, and spontaneous. My Mom's characteristics (as a fox) are: modest, solitary, proud, flexible, and spontaneous. She's a 9. And yes, that's modest AND proud.