Saturday, December 8, 2007

Still think Steve Martin is a 7?

Slate review of Steve Martin's new autobiography, Born Standing Up. The review's name is A Shy and Brainy Guy.


Cindi said...

I don't think I ever thought he was a 7. I just thought about it today and I figure he's a 5 who, like many of us, knows the place of 7. Their is a containment to his energy; there is an irony to his humor. He's never crass; the just doesn't have the physicality of a 7.
Steve Martin's play "The Underpants" is coming to TPAC soon.

Mary Beth said...

I have argued in the past that he is 6w7 but having read this piece, I think you are right about 5. He has a dignity, and a remoteness, that 6w7 lacks. His short humor pieces for the New Yorker feature absurdity, like this one: (So, I suppose, are Woody Allen's, though.) I would be interested in reading his book. Meanwhile, I Google searched "enneagram steve martin" and the top hit was a poll of what is his type, but nobody had voted. I voted and now 100% of respondents say he is a 5. And I thought our poll's turnout was low! At least we can count on me voting!

Cindi said...

If he's not 5w6, he might be 6w5. He does have an everyman quality.

John said...

Well--recall that Five is the resource point for Seven--so a healthy Seven who has done a lot of self work will show a lot of Five characteristics. Also, and introverted Seven will have a different feel from an extroverted Seven. Finally, if the Seven is a Myers Briggs F (feeling) they will look different from many other Sevens.

Steve Allen, the other archetypical Seven had a very well-developed intellectual life and was an accomplished author and composer as well as a comedian. Again, a healthy Seven with a well-developed Five detachment and inner quiet.

In a recent TV interview I saw, Steve Martin got quite emotional on a couple of occasions when talking about his father.

I find that Steve Martin strives for excitement and not detachment--which is what Fives are typically yearning for. There is also a manically happy quality that is really one of the trademarks of Sevens. Keep the balls in the air and keep people smiling with an arrow in your head and a banjo at your side.

So my guess would a fairly healthy, feeling, introverted 7/6.