Monday, December 17, 2007

Election '08!

Writing yesterday's post made my brain hurt and wore out my typing fingers, so let's have something lighter for today (although I suppose that you might not find this lighter, depending on what you take seriously.) It's Election '08, Typing the Candidates!

Unfortunately, I don't have a great deal of insight to offer, but maybe together, over time, we can figure some of them out. So, if you've hit this post through a web search, look in the comments section for what people have to say.

Politicians are actually not the easiest celebrities to type, because on top of not knowing them personally, you also have to try to see through a lot of image management.

Let's start with the most well-known example: Hillary Clinton is often given as an example of an Enneagram One.

I think John Edwards seems like a Three, and so does Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul seems like a One, with his focus on principle.

Fred Thompson: I've never watched any of his shows (whatever they were.) From the one debate I saw (the Republican YouTube debate), he struck me as potentially an 8, a 5, or a 9w8.

Huckabee interests me. He seems 2ish to me. Does pardoning all those people make any sense at all in the absence of a 2 energy? He's being viewed as (and seems like) a compassionate conservative who really means it. Would a 2 have been able to keep all that weight off? Would a 2 have accepted all those gifts? He might be a 3w2 or a 1w2. I'm going with 3w2.

Mike Gravel seems like a 1. Principle again.

Giuliani? No idea. I searched and got a few hits saying One. Tom Condon said Seven.

Obama. Condon said One. Me, no idea. (Like I said, I have only watched one debate so far and it was Republican.)

McCain: Absolutely no idea.

OK, now you. Any ideas?

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Cindi said...

My not watching tv is really hurting me again. I feel Thompson as 8w9 (or 9w8). He has a gruff solidity I associate w/ those types, but not with 5. My first impression of Obama is 3, but I can see where he could possibly be a 1. There was an issue of Psychology Today that was talking about candidates personalities by looking at their body language. I will have to track it down and look for clues.