Thursday, December 20, 2007

We are not Alone

At first, Mary Beth and I thought we were the only people on Blogger blogging about the Enneagram. We checked out, but it's just a blank page.
Still, it turns out we're not alone. The aptly named "The Enneagram Blogspot" is, in its own words, "a compilation of several different Enneagram personality theory resources."
The material there does seem to be compiled from various Enneagram books and websites, so it doesn't have the, ahem, charm of two gals yakking about the Enneagram and whatever else catches their attention every single day, but still, there is a wealth of good info there.
I especially like the article "Enneagram and Terry Pratchett", which has pictures and gives the types of various characters from the Discworld novels.


Mary Beth said...

Have you read any of them? (to Cindi) "Them" = Discworld novels

rusnash said...

I found The Color of Magic in the library catalog. Now I have something to read while I'm off work next week! Yay!

Cindi said...

I have read Small Gods, and possibly The Color of Magic. I remember liking, but not loving, them. Similar to Douglas Adams-type humor, but in a fantasy, rather than science fiction, vein. To me, Terry Pratechett's best work is Good Omens, which he co-wrote w/ Neil Gaiman.

Mary Beth said...

I have been back to her site and noticed that some of her best material is found when you click on each of the types (for example, 6 The Security Seeker). She has posted videos of examples of the types, as well as pictures of famous people of those types. My mom (she's actually the one who found it) was looking at the 9 (which is her type) and was dismayed to see George W. Bush on there. I told her don't worry, many people do not think he's a 9.